Hourly contest - Room Popularity Contest


Every hour we give away $35 on XPAGE to the models who generate the most average number of users in their rooms for that given hour.  The contest runs every hours 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  "Users" are defined as registered users..not including guests.  The Prize breakdown is as follows:


1st - $15

2nd - $7

3rd - $5

4th - $5

5th - $3


Prizes are immediately added as adjustments into the winning model's account.  Users do not need to spend money in your room for you to win the prize.  It is a popularity contest where you are rewarded for keeping users entertained in your room.



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    Admin Jeff

    Hey Jacqueline Love..this is jeff.  You can win $15 for first prize if you have the most average visitors in your room for that given hour.  we give a $15 top prize and a $7 second prize and $5 prizes for 3, 4, and 5th place EVERY HOUR.  

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    Admin Jeff

    I have just updated the contest description with the details of how it works

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